Tech CPD

Apps that we use in our schools regularly.

Making Screen Recordings

SCREENCASTIFYThis works on any PC, Mac or Chromebook across the trust
QUICKTIMEThis works on Macs only.

Other apps

Requesting support or advice

Useful advice for distance learning

Productivity and Communication through Technology

Tips on how to use Google for Education

The Google Teacher Centre has training lessons on how to use specific apps.

US English _ G Suite & Chromebook Enabled Distance Learning Pedagogies - 3.17.20.pdf

Sign in with your school Google Acccount.

G Suite Tips is full of tips to make you more productive and when you’re using G Suite.

To get started, choose a product from the drop down menu, scroll down to see the latest tips or just hit the search button.

Moving from the classroom to online learning presents new challenges. This podcast has advice on the kind of assessment and feedback practices you could put to use in an online context.

Useful Links for Resources

There is no expectation that we must use these resources, but they are posted here so as to provide additional ideas that can help to reduce our workload.



Click on the Start logo for a page with ideas on how students can be carrying on with their careers education from home.


Here is a list of Free CPD opportunities. If you find any more examples please share with

Free remote STEM CPD from the National STEM centre.




Resources from the National STEM centre, specifically tailored to home learning.


An appreciation to Mr Barton Maths for posting the suggestions below

Mr Barton Maths:

You can log in with your school Google Account.

Beat the nation takes three of the worst answered questions from the GCSE Revision Quizzes and Diagnostic Questions website and challenges students to think about the common errors / misconceptions.

GCSE takeaway resources come with questions and worked solutions.

Collection of quizzes: Curated quizzes for Key Stage 3 and GCSE. Particularly useful starting points are:

Corbett Maths:

No login required.

Topic videos and worksheets, textbook exercises, and mixed revision with the 5-a-days. Great for Key Stage 3 and GCSE.

Dr Frost Maths:

You can log in with your school Google Account.

Completely free to use, and students benefit from an infinite amount of practice with questions that regenerate.


Infinitely generated practice with answers, and no registration needed.

Simulated manipulatives, puzzles and drills for Key Stage 3.

Try the GCSE resources and the question generators.


Collection of practice questions, complete with full worked solutions.

The review sheets and GCSE questions by topic are particularly useful.

On Maths -

online GCSE papers, type in your answer, and it will automatically mark the answer.


The National Theatre Collection brings the best of British Theatre to all UK state-funded schools for free. Their unique collection presents high quality recordings of 30 world-class productions, plus a range of tailored learning resources.

Recorded live at the National Theatre and other leading venues, the Collection is available to stream in the classroom, giving students the best seats in the house whenever you want. Resources such as rehearsal insights and short films will aid students’ understanding of play texts and the theatre-making process and inspire them to experience live performances.