Palliative Care in Wyoming


W.S. § 35-1-1201-1205 created the Palliative Care Advisory Council as an advisory body to "maximize the effectiveness of palliative care in Wyoming by making comprehensive and accurate information and education about palliative care available to the public, health care providers and health care facilities."


The Palliative Care Advisory Council will provide to the governor of Wyoming and to the Wyoming State Legislature information and recommendations necessary for all citizens of Wyoming with life limiting illnesses to obtain the best possible palliative care, in accordance with Wyo. Stat. Ann. §35-1-1201. To achieve this goal the Palliative Care Advisory Council will identify barriers to excellent palliative care that may exist in Wyoming. Such barriers include the impact of distance and weather on care delivery, and the level of palliative care training and expertise among physicians, advanced practice practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, social workers, chaplains and other allied health care professionals. The Palliative Care Advisory Council will examine attitudes towards palliative care among health care system administrators, and among administrators of nursing homes and long term care facilities, as well as among health care providers. The role of pharmacists will be looked at as well. One major area of concern will be government and insurance industry policies, rules and regulations and how they impact the delivery of reimbursement of palliative care services. The Palliative Care Advisory Council will also look at concerns on the part of first responders, firemen, and law enforcement authorities regarding the use, availability and safe keeping of controlled substances. This information will be used to make recommendations to improve palliative care education, expertise and delivery, ways to share challenges and solutions to palliative care issues throughout the health care system in Wyoming, to enhance access, and to provide reimbursement that is both just and necessary.

Senate File 88 - Establishing the Palliative Care Advisory Council