Comic-Con Panels

A group of 5 women in science-themed outfits power pose in front of a San Diego Comic-Con International step-and-repeat banner.

Image courtesy of P. Wynns - IF/THEN Ambassadors power pose at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Panels at San Diego Comic-Con International are a great way to connect with community - whether that's popular culture fandom, makers, artists, or science nerds. Join the IF/THEN Ambassadors as they use their scientific expertise to illuminate the STEM behind popular arts, and learn how they are diversifying these fields so that everyone can pursue their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) dreams.

2023 Panel Schedule & Descriptions

Ms. Marvel and The Power of Representation - Representation matters. Superhero and science fiction stories have long inspired young adults to become scientists, engineers and STEM professionals. But not all of these stories have a diverse lineup of characters, which is why a story like Ms. Marvel is so important. Join the Fleet Science Center as we bring together show creators and local scientists to explore how Ms. Marvel could change the worldview and what’s possible for the next, diverse generation of scientists and engineers. 

Fear & Fungi: Science of The Last of UsThe Last of Us video game and now television series explores a post-apocalyptic world where the Cordyceps fungus has evolved and can turn humans into its zombie-like hosts. But it’s all just fiction, right? Or has our luck finally run out? We’ve gathered a panel of experts to help us understand whether a fungal apocalypse is truly possible and to answer some burning questions like: How does a fungus turn something into a zombie? Can climate change make us more susceptible to disease and infection? What exactly did the green grape say to the purple grape? Join us as we do a survivor run into the science of the Last of Us.

Indiana Jones: History, Science, and Punching FascistsIndiana Jones is back for more fortune and glory, and the Indy films have shaped the public’s view of the world of archaeology and artifacts for more than 40 years. Now with the release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, let’s examine the legacy of the man with the whip and the hat. What do the Indiana Jones films get right and wrong about real world archaeological adventures? Do the antiquities collected by Dr. Jones really belong in a museum - and does he? How do historical artifacts connect to modern politics? How has Indiana Jones impacted the archaeological field? Join our panel of globe-trotting archaeologists, historians, and cultural resource experts in discussing the science and ethics of his adventures as we follow the trail of Indiana Jones around the 20th century world.

 The Science of Superpowers - Humans have been fascinated with the potential to gain superpowers for generations. Join a panel of scientific experts for a fast-paced Q&A about the real-life science behind superhuman abilities. Could a lab accident really transform your DNA? Would gamma radiation actually make you stronger? Is it possible to become invisible? Hear about the up to date science and technology bringing humanity closer to becoming superheroes (and potentially supervillains).

Dr. Evil: Scientists as Villains in Pop Culture - Science, engineering and technology have the power to create a better world and find solutions to the many problems the world is facing today. The progress in science and technology in the last decade has been mind boggling and very hard to keep up with as non experts. Maybe that's why scientists, engineers and technologists provide such good story lines for villains. Join the Fleet Science Center as we invite local scientists, engineers and technologists to explore why they are often portrayed as villains in pop culture, what their life and work really looks like and why a scientist turning villain is much less likely than popular stories have us believe.

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