Welcome to the Wynantskill pta

The Wynantskill PTA is very excited to start the 2023-24 school year in a safe and exciting way.  The Wynantskill PTA Officers extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to our school community, both new and returning members. We are excited to embark on another fantastic academic year filled with growth, learning, and memorable experiences.

The PTA plays a vital role in enhancing our students' educational journey and fostering a supportive environment where they can thrive. Together, we work hand in hand with the dedicated educators and staff of Gardner-Dickinson to create a nurturing space that nurtures creativity, curiosity, and academic excellence.

Our primary mission is to promote collaboration, communication, and cooperation among parents, teachers, and school administration. By joining the PTA, you become an essential part of this collective effort to provide the best possible educational opportunities for our children.

Throughout the year, the PTA organizes various events, field trips, and initiatives aimed at enriching our school community. These activities range from events, fundraisers and family fun days to projects that improve the school's facilities and resources. We welcome your participation and encourage you to share your ideas, skills, and time to make these events truly special and rewarding.

As the new academic year unfolds, we look forward to working together to create memorable moments for our children, foster lasting friendships, and build a strong sense of community. Remember, the success of the PTA depends on the active involvement of all parents and guardians, so we encourage you to join us in making a positive impact on our school. 

We are always looking for new members to offer any assistance.  Please click on the link WPTA Memberhub and that will redirect you to our NYSPTA page. To sign up for a WPTA membership and ensure you have a vote at our meetings, click here

A Message from the wpta president

You can always email pta@wynantskillufsd.org to reach the PTA President.  Please contact me with any concerns, problems, happy news or not-so-happy news.  We want to be able to help every single student and their families in any way possible. No matter how small of a problem or a large problem, if we can help in any way, we are happy to try.

If you or your student has a new idea of something fun to try, let us know.  That is what we are here for.

Thank you,

Jennie Brown


Wynantskill PTA