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Latest News & Announcements

  • Fun on the Sugarbush Campus!

9/6 Post for Site
  • We got through 3 days...check out our first three days caught in pictures and video!


  • The calendar tab at the top of this page will link you to our Upper Unit Calendar! Check it out!
  • Click on the "SUMMER READING" tab above and check out pictures of kids reading in their favorite reading spots!
  • Below is a copy of the Summer Letter we emailed you at the end of the summer. It includes the shopping list of school supplies we recommend kids have.
Summer Letter 2017 - 2018

Past Info:

First Day of School for Students: Wednesday, August 30!!

Summer School for Teachers!

Heidi, Jane, and Elizabeth attended the Middle Grades Institute in June where we worked together to learn about and plan for personalized learning. We are really excited to continue our work together this summer to plan and implement new ideas for the 2017-2018 school year!