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Thank you, Asah Lauren (Julia's mom) for arranging the opportunity for all Upper Unit students to see Wonder at the Big Pic! What a wonderful movie! A great way to end our week before the holiday break!

Sugarbush Visits The Warren School.

written by: Warner & Colbey

Just before the holiday break, Sugarbush visited the Warren School. They talked about how to be safe and responsible on the mountains. We even got a surprise visit from Murphy the moose!! They brought little billboards (signs) that reminded us how to start small on the train park and how to be safe in the terrain park. They talked about how, if we get lost on the mountain, we should go down to the bottom of the lift we were just on or to find somebody wearing a blue Sugarbush coat or to find ski patrol wearing black coats with white crosses. We are so happy that we got a visit with Murphy the moose and the crew of Sugarbush.

Friday ski program begins after our Winter break. Remember:




Have FUN!

Fundraiser Smiles! (more info about this student driven fundraiser to come...)

Thanks to all the parents who were able to attend our Morning Informational meeting! We sent handouts home in UUWRs with kids whose parents couldn't attend. Let us know if we missed you and you need information sent your way. Coming soon...links to our handouts on this site!

Mark you Calendars!!

Wednesday, October 18th - 8:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.

Upper Unit Parent Information Meeting

We welcome any parents of Upper Unit students to attend this meeting to learn about "Life in the Upper Unit"!

Please remember to fill in the Parent Survey by Monday, October 16th!

We look forward to seeing you!


to our Spelling Bee Team!!

Our fine spellers placed 2nd in the 2017 HUUSD Spelling Bee!

Week of Sept. 25

While Sugarbush was really fun, we all agree it is SO GREAT to be back in our own building! We are wasting no time getting into the full swing of things! We began our "Double E" time this week! Double E stands for Engineers and Explorers. During this time we have half of our Upper Unit students working with Heidi R. and Julie as they begin the Explorers unit (Social Studies). The other half of the students are working with Elizabeth and Jane as they begin the Engineers unit (Science). After about 5 weeks, we will switch groups so everyone will have a chance to be an Engineer and an Explorer! Here are a few pics of our engineers hard at work designing a foot orthosis:

Fun on the Sugarbush Campus! Week of Sept. 11th and week of Sept. 18th

9/6 Post for Site
  • We got through 3 days...check out our first three days caught in pictures and video!


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  • Below is a copy of the Summer Letter we emailed you at the end of the summer. It includes the shopping list of school supplies we recommend kids have.
Summer Letter 2017 - 2018

Past Info:

First Day of School for Students: Wednesday, August 30!!

Summer School for Teachers!

Heidi, Jane, and Elizabeth attended the Middle Grades Institute in June where we worked together to learn about and plan for personalized learning. We are really excited to continue our work together this summer to plan and implement new ideas for the 2017-2018 school year!