The School Counseling Office at Crossett Brook Middle School


Navigating Middle School

My role as the school counselor is to work with any Crossett Brook who needs educational, social, or emotional guidance during the school day. This is accomplished by building relationships and understanding what motivates each student, so that the needs of each individual can be met.

In addition to supporting students socially and emotionally, I seek to help students, or student groups, with conflict resolution, peer mediation, friendship building, social skill building, and goal setting for the present and future. I also help support students during the transitions to middle school and high school.

Counseling within the school setting is solution focused and brief. Students who need long term, or in-depth support for intense life issues may be referred to outside counselors or therapists.

Students may be seen on an individual basis or in small groups. Students are welcome to self-refer, but may also be referred by a teacher or parent.


Helping Students Exceed Expectations

I believe that all students have unique and amazing gifts to bring to our world, to our community, and to our school. It is my hope that, while students are working to become well rounded academically, they can stay well mentally and emotionally. I seek to support all CBMS students in this process.

My goal is to help students navigate their middle school years, learn about themselves and others, discover answers and solutions to life's many mysteries, and grow and blossom into productive members of our community and world. In addition, I hope to help students learn to positively reflect on their individual worth so that they may understand the value of their unique contributions to the world. Lastly, we believe in teaching students about personal responsibility for their school work, their relationships, and themselves.


Jennifer Hempey

This is my fourteenth year as the school counselor at CBMS! How time flies!

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Michael's College in 1998, and upon graduation worked for four years as a dormitory counselor in a private boarding school serving students with social, emotional, and educational differences. I returned to school to further my education, and received a masters degree in counseling, with a K-12 certification in school counseling, from the University of Vermont in 2004. Before working in Waterbury, I spent one year as the school counselor at Main Street Middle School in Montpelier. I live in Richmond with my husband and two young children. I enjoy being outdoors, reading, coaching, and traveling!

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