The Black and Latinx Student Union or BLSU is a school organization that provides a safe space for students who identify as Black or Latinx. The students at Westwood Regional High School deserve a space where they feel comfortable expressing themselves and their concerns surrounding racial tension pertaining to not only inside the school but our society. A union is a key element to creating a better high school experience for not only the marginalized but the school as a whole. The BLSU provides a forum for students to communicate their concerns to one another and find solutions together.

*Latinx is the gender-neutral alternative to Latino


● Provide representation and advocacy for Black and Latinx students, both inside and outside of the club, by connecting them to power structures such as school staff, administration, local governments, etc.

● To enhance the experience of and support for students belonging to marginalized groups attending a predominantly white high school by providing a safe space for Black and Latinx students to express themselves.

● Aide the rest of the school toward an understanding of different experiences in order to de-stigmatize notions surrounding these particular groups.

● Raise awareness about injustices affecting different communities and solutions through documentaries and primary sources.

Plans for the Future:

● Establish a Cultural appreciation day, where you can wear whatever flag you want during spirit week

● A dissection of the National Anthem and pledge of allegiance

● Encourage educating the student body of not only Black and Latinx struggles but their accomplishments as well

● Research and advocate for assemblies on racial injustice


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Ms. Ondrof, room 215,

Ms. Rashid, room 136,