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District Mission

The Westwood Regional School District’s School Safety Teams are committed to providing a caring, approachable, and safe environment for all students. The school safety and climate team, comprised of administrators, faculty, parents, and students, establishes high expectations for behavior and respect for all students and staff. We believe that all students have the right to attend a school free of violence, intimidation, and abuse. We value diversity and encourage our students and staff to positively impact the well-being of others and contribute to a thriving school environment.

Westwood Regional School District

K-12 District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Naomi Conklin

201-664-0880 x2013

Jr/Sr High School

Anti-Bullying Specialist

Melissa Aviles

201-664-0880 x2071

School safety & Climate team

Frank Connelly -Principal

Michael Corso - Assistant Principal

Chris Mello - Assistant Principal

Nina Suri - Counselor/ABS

Patricia Buckley - School Nurse


Anti-Bullying Specialist

Christie Androulakis

201-664-5560 x6007

School safety & Climate team

Shelley LaForgia - Principal

Michael Attanasio - Assistant Principal

Kenneth Russo - Assistant Principal

Christie Androulakis - Counselor

Jenny Sparno - Counselor

Deborah Penn - Nurse

Berkeley Elementary School

Anti-Bullying Specialist

Sandra Massaro

201-664-7760 x 3005

School safety & Climate team

Michael Fiorello - Principal

Sandra Massaro - Counselor

Susannah Petersen - Nurse

Stephanie Brennan - Speech Therapist

Josephine Urban - Teacher

Bonnie Astudillo - Teacher

Jennifer Houck - Teacher

Mrs. Kirby - Parent

Brookside Elementary School

Anti-Bullying Specialist

Nicole James

201-664-9000 x4007

School safety & Climate team

Tom Conroy - Principal

Nicole James - Counselor

Anna Parke - Nurse

Marilena Damiani - Speech Therapist

Allison Bowden - Teacher

Kelly LeParc - Teacher

Allyson Stevenson - Parent

Kate McDermott - Parent

Jessie F. George Elementary School

Anti-Bullying Specialist

Rachel Jurjevic

201-664-3033 x5005

School safety & Climate team

Victoria Hickey - Principal

Rachel Jurjevic - Counselor

Charlene Alessi - Nurse

Brittany Schneider - Teacher

Jennifer Patterson - Teacher

Frank Dykstra - Teacher

Gina Cush - Speech Therapist

Chrissy D'Angelo - Parent

Washington Elementary School

Anti-Bullying Specialist

Laura Tunnell

201-664-6440 x7011

School safety & Climate team

Melissa Palianto - Principal

Christina Santagato - Counselor

Heidi Catalano - Nurse

Tara Bradshaw - Speech Therapist