WRMS reOpening

School-wide Remote Learning Environment

Westwood Regional Middle School is entering an unprecedented time of learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Much like our students, parents, and community members, the WRMS staff shares in your concern for the well-being of those in attendance on a daily basis. As such, our administrators are here to help alleviate your concerns as much as possible. We ask that you bear in mind that we, too, are adapting as we navigate these uncharted waters and adhere to the ever changing educational parameters set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education and relevant health organizations.

As we begin this new school year, we ask that you thoroughly read the entirety of the sections below as it relates to the online learning environment.

What should I do to Prepare for an exclusive Remote Learning environment?

  • Students should:

    • Click here to visit their teacher's website to receive information pertaining to Google Classroom codes, Zoom or Google Meet links, expectations for student work, and other important information.

    • Have a fully charged, working Chromebook or other internet-ready device, with video and sound capabilities.

    • Work in an environment conducive to learning (ie: away from distractions and noise).

    • Have your school materials ready.


What will an EXCLUSIVE remote learning environment look like?

  • Teachers and students will be engaged in rigorous and meaningful instruction.

  • Students will sign in with their Advisory/WIN period teacher at 8:15 via Zoom.

  • Attendance will be taken in Genesis every period.

  • Learning is synchronous: every class period will have a live component.

  • Extra-help may be scheduled with the teacher directly.

  • All work should be completed during a typical school day (from 8:15 - 3:04) as necessary and within the appropriate assignment deadlines. Homework to complete after 3:04 may be assigned.

  • Student at-home learning environment expectations:

    • Appropriate attire and environment for learning; dress as you would for school

    • Sit in a location that is conducive to learning (i.e. table or desk)

  • This environment will be more closely aligned with a typical learning environment (ie: pre-COVID), only students will be at home.

Basic etiquette for online learning with video

  • Students are required to be present online at the start of the class. (Your video will start automatically upon entering the room and should remain on for the duration of the lesson, unless instructed to do otherwise.)

  • Find a quiet place conducive to learning (i.e. away from family, pets, and television)

  • Be respectful and appropriate when speaking and writing.

  • Dress appropriately - remember your classmates and teachers can see you; dress as if you are in class.

  • Remain muted until there is a need to speak or ask a question.

  • Refrain from eating or drinking on camera.

  • Remain in one place for the entirety of the lesson.

  • Chat should be used to for academic purposes only.

  • Do not share screenshots of Zoom/Google Meet meetings where student or teacher images are displayed.

  • Do not copy, alter, or redistribute conferencing videos.

  • Enjoy this experience, but remember this is a class and it is important to be respectful and appropriate!

Available resources and other information