The Educational Theater Company of Westwood Regional High School

The Woodington Players is an extra-curricular theater company at Westwood Regional High School. Our mission is to provide students with the opportunity to explore theater and to guide them through the creative production process. During our annual season, which includes a Fall Play and a Spring Musical, students will gain an education in both technical and performing arts. The Woodington Players emphasize important skills that will help students to succeed in the future, both in and outside of the field of theater!


Woodies Flyer Handout

Faculty Adviser:

Lauren Resnikoff will be starting her first year as the Woodington Player's faculty adviser. Lauren received her Bachelors of Arts in Theater from Union College in Schenectady, New York. Although her focus is in acting, she also has experience in lighting, costuming, stage managing, and directing. More recently, she assessed and judged high school theater with Count Basie for their annual Count Basie awards. Additionally, she has assisted in several shows with the Phoenix Production company. After receiving her Masters in Secondary Education from Monmouth University, Lauren Resnikoff is excited to guide this enthusiastic group of young thespians through their Theater education.