Mrs. Bloch's

Art Room

Welcome to the Visual Art Program at WRMS!

My name is Karen Bloch. I have been teaching art since 1994, and have been in Westwood since 2002. Prior to teaching, I worked in New York City as a graphic designer. I attended Montclair State University earning my degree in Art Education, and then Walden University for my Master's Degree in Middle Level Ed. After teaching high school and elementary art, I find the middle level to be just right!

The art curriculum this year includes a variety of experiences for students:

  • Drawing: Realistic and Imaginitive techniques
  • Painting and Color Theory
  • Three-Dimensional Art/Sculpture
  • Crafts
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Digital Design/Careers in Design


I belong to the Art Educators of NJ. This organization sponsors events for student art exhibitions at various locations in the state. Students can earn recognition for their hard work and effort in the following ways:

  • “Principal’s Choice Exhibit”: About every eight weeks, 12-15 pieces of student art are selected by the principal and vice principal. This art is framed and displayed in the main office, principal’s offices and main entrance of the school.
  • NJ Performing Arts Center, Victoria Theatre, Newark: WRMS students have had their art selected many times at this prestigious exhibit.
  • Art Educators of NJ exhibits: "Youth Art Month" Show (pictured to the right) in Bergen County is held every spring.

Looking for more art beyond the classroom?

If you are interested in visiting a museum or taking some art classes, see my "resources" for helpful links.

Artistically yours,

Karen Bloch

201-664-5560 ext. 6102

You can sew! Here are some helpful how-to videos to help you create your own hand-sewn projects:

Soft Sculpture Sewing Instructions