Mr. Barbarito

21st Century Literacy- Grade 6

Click the link below to access our "Story Shape" graphs and for help with your narrative.

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BTSN Barbarito: 21st Century Literacy 6- An Introduction

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Grading Policy

Students will be responsible for classwork, participation, benchmark assignments and published work. All work is graded cumulatively. Students' grades are based on a calculation of total points earned divided by total points possible.

For example, if the total points possible for the quarter is 500 and a student earns 450 points, the grade will be 90% for the quarter.

Google Classroom Codes

A Day

Period 2- nbxuxw9

Period 3- o3uiu3

Period 6- qv6psok

Period 7- 7rwvntb

Period 9- s6aid5g

B Day

Period 2- u7e17m

Period 3- hnobsh

Period 6- tco6ifu

Period 7- 8o8zjel

Period 9- 0lz0c34

Parents' Classroom

If you would like to see the assignments, announcement, notes and other online material we're working on in class, you can join a Google Classroom just like the ones we're using.

If you have a Google account, you just need to go, click to join a class and enter this code: 4cwenh6

Units of Study

Unit 1: Narrative Writing

Unit 2: Informational Writing

Unit 3: Argument Writing

Unit 4: Standards Preparation

Unit 5: Independent Genre