Ms. Murray

Westwood Regional School District

Structured Learning Experience Coordinator

Hello and welcome to the Structured Learning Experience (SLE) center . Our program is designed to help students with the opportunity to prepare for a rapidly changing world. Students will be engaged in work experiences of their choice. SLE helps students gain a competitive edge when transitioning from high school to college or work. Students will gain hands on experiences while gaining academic credits.

Westwood Jr./Sr. High School

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What Is SLE?

  • SLE is designed for for high school seniors who have selected their career path and would like to gain first hand experience or a students who wished to learn more about a specific area.
  • SLE are supervised and designed to provide students with exposure to the requirements and responsibility of a specific job.
  • SLE include, but are not limited to: apprenticeships, internships, job shadowing, cooperative education, school-based enterprises, & volunteer activities.
  • SLE offers students a chance to go beyond the formal education of the classroom.
  • Students will have the opportunity to explore a career through a quality internship in an area that fits their interests, and abilities.
  • Students will work with mentors in an exciting, highly-structured, well-monitored setting. SLE provides role models, and individualized learning to prepare students for the professional work environment.
SLE slide show