COVID Information

Westwood Regional School District

2021-2022 School Year

Westwood Regional Covid-19 Case Data Dashboard

2021-2022 Covid -19 Case Dashboard

Updated around 4 p.m. on school days.

Updated 21-22 Safe Return Plan.pdf

Safe Return Plan

BoE Approved March 23, 2022

2021-2022 Remote Instruction Plan.pdf

Remote Instruction Plan

BoE Approved September 23, 2021

General Practices

  • Schools will be open for a full day of instruction with lunch.

  • Parents and guardians will not be able to opt-out of in-person instruction, per Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 175.

  • We will provide virtual, synchronous “watch-along” instruction for COVID-positive students only. As in pre-pandemic times, students who are absent for regular illnesses, funerals or family vacations will be provided with work from their teachers.


  • Starting March 7, masks will be optional, as the State mandate will have expired. If needed, we may require masking again in the future during periods of elevated community transmission and/or during an active outbreak. Parents are asked to notify the school Principal if they desire their child to continue to wear a mask.

  • Masks will be required on school buses, per the federal order.

Desk Shields

  • We believe in parental/caregiver choice; therefore, whether a student uses a desk shield in the classroom and at lunch/snack is up to them. Principals will issue a form for parents/caregivers to complete if the use of a desk shield is desired. Students will be responsible for the transportation of their shields around the building. Our shields now have three clear windows (front and both sides).

Physical Distancing and Ventilation

  • We will maximize the separation of students, when possible.

  • Windows will be kept open, as long as the classroom remains at least 68 degrees.

  • We will avoid having large gatherings inside of the school buildings.

Events and Activities

  • Back to School Nights will be virtual and teachers will be live in their classrooms. Parents/guardians will be able to interact with the teachers/staff members and will be able to ask questions.

  • Parent conferences and IEP meetings will be virtual unless all parties agree to an in-person meeting.

  • PSO meetings can be in-person, provided they are held outside of school hours.

  • PSO events will be conducted outside only. The Book Fairs held during the school day will be for students only.

  • In-person field trips and school-wide assemblies will be on hold until January 1, 2022. We will revisit them at that time.

  • For athletic information, please reference the middle or high school’s websites for the most up-to-date information.


  • Meals only will be served in the cafeterias or other designated areas. Lunch will be pre-ordered, and it will be served in a “grab and go” manner. Students can bring lunch if they prefer. Parents/caregivers can also sign their children out for lunch, if desired. Snack will be served in the elementary classrooms only. There is no need for students to bring money, as snacks will not be available for purchase.

  • Parents/caregivers will determine whether their children utilize a desk shield during lunch and/or snack.

  • Students in Grades K-12 will be entitled to free meals for the 2021-2022 academic school year through the National School Lunch Program’s Seamless Summer Option (SSO). Even though the district is providing free meals to all students, the Application for Free and Reduced-Price School Meals is available and is used to determine eligibility for P-EBT benefits, state funding and other benefits. It is essential to complete the Free and Reduced Applications in Genesis by clicking on Forms. A paper application is also available on our District’s website.

Quarantine Related to Travel

New Jersey’s travel advisory is no longer in effect. Therefore, quarantine after travel is no longer required.

All other protocols, such as mask exemptions, parental screening, exposure quarantining, contact tracing, handwashing and cleaning methodologies, will be similar to the last school year.