Buildings and Grounds Department

Westwood Regional School District

Welcome to the Westwood Regional School District Buildings and Grounds Department. Our department consists of 25 full time custodians and 7 maintenance and grounds personnel led by our Director of Buildings and Grounds, Mario Cofini.

Buildings and Grounds is responsible for:

  • Maintaining facilities in 6 school buildings for over 2800 students.
  • Supporting over 525 faculty members and providing them with a safe environment to educate and care for our students.
  • Improving 168 classrooms, gyms, cafeterias and auditoriums
  • Taking care of over 106 acres of property
  • Sustaining 212,000 square feet in all 6 buildings for our community and students to use

In addition to our regular daily responsibilities, we also prepare our schools for events such as science fairs, art programs, fashion shows, craft fairs, assemblies and concerts for our community to enjoy.

We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining safe, environmentally friendly, clean facilities for our students and faculty.

Learn about our new Maintenance Building and Field House