2019-2020 GOALS

2019-2020 District Goals

Student Achievement:

Support student growth and academic achievement through a focus on the continuous review and refinement of curricula, instructional practices, and professional development.

    • Curriculum - Implement common assessments for Elementary Science and Social Studies curricula and monitor results to determine the level of consistency in curriculum implementation. Plan for curriculum revisions at the Middle and High School level that will be necessary when Grade 8 transitions to the middle school.
    • Non-College Bound Learner: Continue to explore opportunities for increased personalization by researching supports and options for non-college bound students through our curriculum offerings and guidance program.
    • Instructional Leadership: Gather feedback on the effectiveness of the implementation of the observation and evaluation system.
    • Professional Development: Provide sustained, district-based professional development to support the effective implementation of Reading and Writing Workshop in Grades K-7 (32 days of on-site workshops), special education co-teaching in Grades K-12 (75 hours), the new K-5 math program (191 days), and 21st century learning (10 days of on-site workshops).

Strategic Planning:

Implement Year 4 activities outlined in the 2016 - 2021 Strategic Action Plan associated with the following five areas:

    • Health and Wellness
    • Safety, Security, and Facilities
    • Academic Rigor and Student Achievement
    • Culture, Climate, Citizenship and Community
    • Technology

Facilities & Fiscal Planning:

In addition to the goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan:

    • Plan for September 2020 completion of the Middle School Expansion project and associated transitions at the Middle School and High School.
    • Conduct an updated and comprehensive demographic and facilities use study to determine current and future needs.

Data Driven Decision-making:

Increase the practice of collecting and using data to inform decisions in all aspects of the school district.

    • Implement a data management system to enhance the practice of data driven decision-making to help inform the effectiveness of district and school-wide initiatives.


Proactively communicate with the larger community to keep them informed of program and to promote the school district.

    • Finalize and implement a communications plan to effectively engage various stakeholders within the community through print, digital, and personal methods.

Board Goals

  1. The Board will complete a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Westwood Education Association.
  2. Work with the administration to update the comprehensive facilities plan to address short and long term needs of the district inclusive of strategies to fund the facility improvements.
  3. Continue to work towards becoming a NJ School Boards Association Certified Board by engaging participating in 4-6 hours of additional Board training.
  4. Improve community knowledge and understanding of the role of the Board of Education, and actively seek ways to enhance community engagement.