Ms. McKaba

Teacher of Science

About Me

I am a graduate from the Honors Program at St. Thomas Aquinas College where I obtained my bachelors in Chemistry and Secondary Education. I have now been teaching for going on five years (two years at Palisades Park Jr/Sr High School and then two full years here at Westwood Regional Jr/Sr High School).

Instructor Contact Information:

Extra Help Schedule

Extra Help will most likely be in Room 106.

Tuesday - Friday After School

Monday - Friday Before School (beginning at about 7:20 am)

If any changes or cancellations occur, I will be sure to post it so that it is known.

In addition, please let me know when you are planning to come to extra help!

Quote of the Month

“Every aspect of the world today - even politics and international relations - is affected by chemistry.”

-Linus Pauling

Fact of the Month

A red blood cell can make a complete circuit of your body in 20 seconds.

Video of the Month

Confused about the new approach to science that has come about? Here is a web page that might be able to help with some things.