Application Evidence Requirements

Those successful in obtaining a position (appointed or casual) will be asked to provide evidence required to prepare for the onboarding process.

Teacher Applicants

  • Identification (Photo ID)

  • Working With Children Check Number/Expiry

  • NESA Accreditation Teacher Summary Report

  • Education/ Teaching Qualification Degree/Transcript Evidence

  • If working in Australia on a temporary Visa: Passport and Visa information

  • Evidence of baptism or reception into catholic church (if required)

  • Other Tertiary or professional Certificates:

    • Religious education accreditation (if applicable)

    • First aid/CPR (if applicable)

    • Cert IV in Training and Assessment (if applicable)

    • Other relevant qualifications (if applicable)

  • Teaching Statements of Service

  • Evidence of Child rearing (if applicable to service application)

Non Teacher Applicants

  • Identification (Photo ID)

  • Working With Children Check Number/Expiry

  • Qualification Degree/Transcript Evidence (if applicable)

  • If working in Australia on a temporary Visa: Passport and Visa information

  • Evidence of baptism or reception into catholic church (if required)

Acceptable Identification evidence

You are required to submit proof of your identity with your application. This must be in the form of a Government issued ID with a photo. e.g.

  • Australian Driver Licence, Learner Permit or Provisional Licence

  • Australian Passport

  • Foreign Passport (with current Australian Visa or Visa Grant Notice1)

  • Australian Government Issued Proof of Age Photo ID Card

Your ID will also be required to be verified in person when you begin employment with us

If any of your evidence documentation displays a different name, you must aso supply a copy of your legal change of name documentation:

  • A Marriage Certificate. For NSW, generally we only accept Marriage Certificates issued by the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM). If you were married in another state or country, a Marriage Certificate from a celebrant or church is acceptable. Commemorative certificates are not acceptable.

  • A Change of Name Certificate issued by an Australian BDM

  • A Birth Certificate issued by an Australian BDM, showing your name at birth and your new name

  • A divorce document showing the name you’re changing back to

Acceptable Qualification Documents

You must attach evidence of successful completion or current enrolment for all tertiary qualifications.

If you are submitting a Transcript instead of a copy of your degree and you have completed your degree, please ensure the status shows the completed on and/or conferred on date(s) Otherwise a transcript is not evidence of your completion.

If you have a link to your Degree in MyEquals please provide this

Note: All Primary school applicants are required to have Religious Education accreditation

Eligibility to work in Australia

Permanent Residents or Visa Holders successful in moving to pre employment assessments prior to hire, will be asked to provide evidence of:

  1. Your Valid Passport

  2. A VEVO status print out or other evidence of the Visa permitting you to work for the duration of the position


Child rearing evidence

  1. a statutory declaration establishing the period of child-rearing to be recognised (Download a copy of the Commonwealth Statutory Declaration Form) AND

  2. a copy of the child’s birth certificate.


‘statement of service’ means

  1. a statement from a previous Employer

  2. on official letterhead

  3. contains the start date

  4. termination date

  5. classification

  6. whether service was full-time, part-time or casual

  7. whether any leave without pay was taken

  8. whether any paid promotion positions were held

statements of service must be provided by the previous employer in a pdf or other non editable format, otherwise supporting evidence such as the original email from the employer delivering the SoS must also be provided.

Conditionally Accredited Teacher Evidence

Pre-service teachers who apply and are accredited at ‘conditional’ by NESA, will be accepted by CEDWW for casual employment.

Applicants who are in their fourth (4th) year of their initial teacher education qualification OR enrolled in the second half of their Graduate Diploma of Education or Masters of Education/Teaching when they have completed a 4-year degree, are considered suitable applicants for Full or Part Time employment with CEDWW.

Applicants who have not yet completed their University degree will need to provide:

  • A copy of the official transcript of completed studies up to the date of application

  • Evidence of enrolment for their final subjects

  • Date for final practicum

  • Evidence of conditional accreditation with NESA

If a teacher has completed their qualification but is not yet conferred, they will be required to provide:

  • A copy of the final official transcript

  • A copy of the final practicum report

  • Evidence of conditional accreditation with NESA

Successful applicants will be required to, as per their University expectations to complete their practicum at a School alternative to the one in which they are employed. CEDWW will provide unpaid leave for this period.

All successful applicants will have a conditional offer of employment which states that they must pass their final practicum to remain in the role (temporary or permanent).

The NESA Teacher Summary Report

If you are teaching in NSW you will be required to be accredited with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and have a current ’Active’ membership status.

  1. Visit eTams and log into your account

  2. In your “Teacher” Dashboard click the “View Reports” tile

  3. On the “View reports” page, click on “Teacher Summary Report”

  4. Your Teacher Summary Report opens as a PDF that you can then download and attach to your online application.

Your Teacher Summary Report has information about your accreditation and is used to show CEDWW that you are eligible to teach in NSW.

Download: eTAMS Visual Guide - How to download Teacher Summary and PD Progress Reports (PDF)