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Leonor's Virtual Office

Leonor's Counseling Referral Form

Leonor Goff is your Guidance Counselor, to get her contact information and description of duties go up top click Meet the Counselor and drop down to Guidance Counselor. You can also just click on tho this link

You can then contact her to for questions or to schedule an appointment. Leonor does the scheduling, academic advising and personal counseling.

Paolo Breschi is your Social Emotional Counselor. Click underneath to get to my virtual office.

Paolo's Virtual Office

The virtual office link above will help you sign up for individual counseling time, group counseling time or sign up for Diversity Club. You will be able to do this by the links to counseling referrals, group interest sign up and Diversity Club.

You can contact him via email-

You can also text or call for questions: 707-625-0589