Filamentous green algae



“Insect Hotel” Design Competition

Four of our Form 4 Biology students participated in the “Insect Hotel” Design Competition for Secondary Schools organized by the Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong (OWLHK). During the competition, students were given comprehensive and diversified learning activities for six months. They were trained to make an innovative “Insect Hotel” and conduct “Insect Hotel” experiments.  They were so involved in the competition and they attained Champion in the competition.

25th HKYSTIC - 'Soy'lution modification

Three of our Form 5 Biology students organized a project titled ‘Soy’lution Modification that aimed to promote genetically modified (GM) soybeans to the public, raising their awareness and understanding of this topic. Our students’ innovative approach and dedication to fostering scientific solutions to real-world challenges earned them recognition and praise from the judges. They received a merit award in the STEM Activity Category of the 25th Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition (HKYSTIC).

Hong Kong Secondary School Health Exhibition Presentation Competition (HEPC) 2022

Five of our Form 6 Biology students participated in Hong Kong Secondary School Health Exhibition Presentation Competition (HEPC) 2022 organized by Medical Society, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. They presented on the topic “Dry eye disease and its relationship with the COVID-19 pandemic” and received the Bronze Award.

Environmental Education Workshop on Microplastics and Oceans in Trouble

The Biology Department, Geography Department and Gifted Education Team co-organized an environmental education workshop for our Form 3 to Form 5 Biology and Geography, and gifted students to delve deeper into the issue of global plastic problems. Through the 1-hour hands-on session, our students got to know more about the rising concerns of microplastics, plastic-free seas and the use of microbeads in skin care products.

School-based Environmental Education Programme

The Biology, Geography and Chemistry Department jointly organized an environmental education programme to Hok Tau, upper course of Ng Tung River for our Form 4 to Form 5 students to enhance students’ fieldwork skills, as well as their collaboration and problem-solving skills.










Biology Demonstrators in School Information Day