WSWHE BOCES - Model Schools Program

Emergency Online Classroom Toolkit

This site is designed to provide educators in the WSWHE BOCES component school district region with resources, tools and training on using a variety of online instructional tools during the COVID-19 Crisis. Please see below for our Youtube tutorials on Google Classroom and Google Meet and other tutorials, or use the top navigation to browse the various resources that are available.

Google Classroom "Quick Start" Videos - These 3-5 minute mini-lessons are designed to give a "just the facts" overview of setting up your classes in Google Classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Our school uses Google Drive and Classroom, but does not use Gmail for students. So, if the school is closed and I have not setup my Google Classroom courses in advance, how do I get the classroom code to the students so they can enroll in my class?

A. In this case, you would have to enroll the students using the "People" tab in Classroom and selecting "Invite students." The students would not receive the invite via email, but would be required to visit, login using their school Google account, and click "Join" on each course tile. The school could communicate the website address for Google Classroom out via existing channels.

Q. Are there any additional support materials available to answer common questions I may have with Google Classroom or Google Meet?

A. Yes, Google has up-to-date documentation and support materials available here for Google Classroom and here for Google Meet (Hangouts).

Q. Is there a limit in the G Suite for participants in Google Meet?

A. Google is rolling out free access to their advanced capabilities to help support your needs. You can read about the updates here.

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