WSSB's Academic and Student Well-Being Recovery Plan

Moving Towards In-Person Learning

Starting the week of April 12th, WSSB will be offering in-person learning at WSSB's campus.

  • Remote learning will remain an option, some live Zoom classes may become unavailable (i.e. fitness, art, music)

  • Students who return in-person can attend remotely if they need to be absent when sick

  • All classes will be taught in the classroom by their teacher and instructional staff

  • Classes and groupings will remain smaller than 15 at all times

  • Schedules will change to better meet the needs of in-person learning

  • Residential students will travel to campus on the charter bus. No family move-in due to safety precautions.

Getting Started

Essential Skills Resources

These skills are specific to WSSB students, yet may be more widely applied. While the first part of the year was spent focusing on developing these skill areas, these are skills will last the entire year and benefit students well beyond.