Video Productions

Bring your GoPro, your phone, your camera and create impressive videos of your adventures by becoming a master of Adobe Premiere, the most powerful editing software available. Develop the editing and shooting skills to produce just like the pros. Edit everything from personal projects, commercials, comedies, music videos, and more. With these skills you will be prepared to freelance and gain further education in this expanding, exciting field.

Here are some winning Weber High student created videos from the district film festival, Weberfest! Gain the same skills to create your own winning videos!

Look below for more class examples!

WHS Imagination - Benjamin Fenton.mp4
WHS High Life - Brooke Kendell.mp4
WHS Blue's Clues - Kambri Cordon & Mitchell McCann.mp4
WHS New Shoes - Hillary

Discover Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leading video editing software!

Premiere Intro.mp4

Compete and be voted by the class to be the top editor! Earn awards and prizes!

Check out below for some of this years "Eddie Award Winners" !

Cut to the Beat Eddie Award Winners

Jaden Ficklin - Cut to the Beat.mp4
Katelyn Sorensen - Cut to the Beat.mp4
Ailine Fisher - Cut to the Beat.mp4

Stop Motion Eddie Award Winners

Copy of A Day On The Death Star (Stop Motion Project).mp4
Copy of Stop Motion Jace Clough.mp4
Copy of Stop Motion.mp4

Movie Trailer Eddie Award Winners

Copy of 1st Place Mason.mp4
Copy of 1st Place Jacob.mp4