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National History Day

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or here are the steps:1. Go to Pikes Peak Regional History Day Registration2. Click on "Student Registration" It is just below the picture of Pike Peak.3. Then Click on the blue student registration link towards the bottom of the page, just above leave a reply. 4. Follow the directions from there.

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Lewis and Clark

Instructions: Lewis and Clark take the day off!

Scenario: The year is 1804. The United States has just purchased over 820,000 square miles of land at an incredible price of three cents an acre. The members of the Corps of Discovery, which number over 45 members, are ready to embark on the expedition which will cover over 7,700 miles up the mighty Missouri River and eventually, to the Pacific Ocean. Your president, Thomas Jefferson, wants to know more about the mysterious lands west of the Mississippi River. He is particularly interested in the expedition as a scientific venture. He wants to discover new flora and fauna. He also wants to make contact with the Native American tribes in the area. Jefferson hires Meriwether Lewis, a frontiersman and soldier, to head the expedition. He also hires William Clark, a friend of Lewis and a military officer. They do not know how long the expedition will take. Bad news comes though; Lewis and Clark cannot make the journey.
You are in their place! Your mission is to create a journal for Lewis and Clark that will be given to President Jefferson.

Journal tasks: (Get a paper from Ms. Cook or create your own)

1. Document three new plants and three new animals you discover during your journey. Record the dates and locations for where these new species and creatures were found, three or more descriptive facts about each, and an accurate sketch of each. 2. Document two encounters with Native Americans. Record the dates and locations of these encounters, and three or more descriptive facts about the experience. 3. Provide a detailed map (page 266) of your journey. The map must in color, include physical features, a key, and the route traveled.

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