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One quick "teacher" resource...

If you haven't checked out our WSD ELA Prep-Cast, then PLEASE check it out here.

(Just click the image to be taken to the prep-cast site.)

These short, sweet nuggets of pedagogy were designed for the busy teacher to casually listen to during a prep-period. Enjoy!

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While 2020 has brought its fair share of hurdles, the WSD ELA Digital Curriculum Team is here to help! Access content for your grade level by clicking on any of the icons below.

We've also provided an Additional Resources page for all of your questions about Canvas, HMH Curriculum, the G Suite, and more. If, for any reason, you are having a hard time accessing the HMH content, be sure that you're activated. Click this link to learn more!

Importing from Commons

Check out the video to the right to find out how to import this awesome material into your Canvas course! As a reminder, be sure to always import materials into a Sandbox course. This will let you remix/modify content to the way students should see it. Then you can copy it over to your actual course.

Our teachers built some great stuff and our curriculum department provided some amazing resources!

Get Logged In First!

This site has dozens of links for teachers to amazing content. In order for these links to work, you'll need to be logged into Canvas through our district's single sign-on (SSO). The video to the left walks you through the best way to access this site and the links that it contains while the video above is a great way to see how one might import some of this content into a live Canvas course.

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