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The Described and Captioned Media Program is the nation’s leading source for accessible educational content, providing services for students who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf-blind. Families and school personnel with early learners through Grade 12 students can register for free access to over 6,000 Educational Media titles on-demand and on DVD. Our Learning Center contains a wealth of information related to education, accessibility, deafness, blindness, and other related topics. DCMP provides Media Accessibility Guidelines through our Captioning Key and Description Key, used by media professionals as well as amateurs around the world.

How The Visually Impaired Experience Hubble Images

The video in this section features a blind student that describes how enhanced images with tactile graphics have allowed her to experience image of the universe that would in the past not have been available to her.  By being able to not only read the information in Braille about the images, she is able to touch them through the embossed format used to make them come to life to her.