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At the top of this page you will see links to each grade level's page. Under each link, you will be able to find all of the learning outcomes from our National Standards for Health and Physical Education that we will be focusing on this year. Each learning outcome has an assigned number that you can use to locate the rubric associated with it. The corresponding number can be found on the report card. These rubrics are used to determine your child's level of proficiency within each learning outcome.

What do the numbers in the Gradebook stand for?





In=Incomplete/No evidence

**All students are striving to earn a 3 or Proficient because that means that they have met their grade level expectation. Earning a 4 or Advanced, means that your child has exceeded their grade level expectations and have demonstrated skills above their grade level.**

Here is a link to the SHAPE Standards

Here is a link to the Wisconsin Health Standards (scroll down to page 29 to see the learning outcomes)

Health-Grade Level standard learning outcomes book.pdf