Remote Learning Plan
Wachusett Regional School District

This plan began on Wednesday, April 15, 2020, and ended on Monday, June 15, 2020. Please visit for information on the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Student participation: Students are expected to consistently participate in teacher developed activities.

  • Length of student’s day: Remote learning is expected to engage students for no more than half the length of a typical school day, executed in a flexible schedule that is intended to work in the home setting.

  • Focus of lessons: Remote learning lessons will focus on reviewing and reinforcing skills and knowledge already taught this school year, applying and deepening these skills, and may introduce some essential new material which may vary based on grade and level. Lessons will also encompass a combination of teacher-directed and self-directed learning opportunities. Please note, teacher-directed does not require direct teacher contact/instruction during the learning activity. Teachers may provide a week’s worth of lessons at one time.

  • Method of delivery: Remote learning lessons may take many forms and vary by age, grade level, and individual needs. A variety of methods will be used, including but not limited to technology, online activities, hands-on activities, exploration of the natural world, paper-based activities, artistic creations, project-based learning, and physical movement to name a few.

  • Student feedback: Teachers will provide feedback to students on progress made towards relevant standards and/or learning goals as determined by the educator based on a review of student work completed at home.

  • Student grading and assessment: For the duration of this plan, final grades will be reported as pass/fail at the high school level, as “meeting expectations” or “not meeting expectations” for 6-8, and as “progressing towards expectations” or “not progressing towards expectations” for PreK-5. In addition, there will be no final exams given while this plan is in place.