Drama Club

Updates and information can be found on the bulletin board outside the office.

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Next meeting:

Thursday, March 21st

3:00-4:00 in the Cafeteria

You should BE OFF BOOK

Bringing in costumes and props

Drama Club Planned* Schedule 2018-2019

Thursday 3:00-4:00

in the Cafeteria

* Schedule may change and and updated information will be posted/announced

Thursday, March 14th- run through with some props OFF BOOK

Thursday, March 21st- run through with props & costumes OFF BOOK

Thursday, March 28th- run through with props & costumes OFF BOOK

Tuesday, April 2nd- Tech Week run through

Wednesday, April 3rd -Dress Rehearsal

Thursday, April 4th - DRESS REHEARSAL

Thursday, April 4th 5:30 call, 6:00 SHOW TIME!!!

Thursday, April 11th- Last meeting

Hamlet, Zombie Killer of Denmark

Denmark is plagued with zombies in this gruesomely comic

adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet.


Thursday, April 4th 6:00

Background info on Hamlet:

Hamlet Cast

Hamlet Alyssa Kutzko

Bernardo Charlotte Putney

Francisco Alise Galena

Marcellus Alexis Mitchel

Horatio Gabby Case

Zombie (Hamlet’s Father) Tristan Hansen

King (Claudius) Bob Cassati

Queen (Gertrude) Abby Young

Polonius Logan Domineck

Laertes(Zombie) Ben Butler

Ophelia Molly McGuirk

Rosencrantz Abby Riberdy

Guildenstern Sam Lane

Yorick Alyssa Faiola

Gravedigger Jasmin Abdella

Osric Mia Rauktis

Fortinbras Kiara Kelly


Will Doughty

Jack Mahoney

Matteo Mastrototaro

Ava Blanchard

Keagan Standring


Owen Donofrio

Molly Stevens

Lam Quach

Avery Morrison

Ava Mastrototaro

Helena Adkins

Adly Atanian

Helen N

Amelia Early

Dexter Woleader

Amber Miller

Amelia Early

Corrine Mayo

Grace Huels

Liliana Colonna

Hannah Young

Chau Quach

Shakespearean Experts

Haley Dow

Addison Havens

Aria S


Grace S

Aria S

Addison H

Keara H


Grace S

Keara H

Amber M

Aidan C


Aidan C


Alyssa Faiola

Stage Manager

Aiden H

Once you are casted in the show, you are expected to be at EVERY rehearsal and present for the production.

Goals of Drama Club:

~ To teach skills associated with theater production and performance

~ To promote teamwork and cooperation

~ Do warm-ups, theater games, and improvisations

~Skill development in characterization, diction, line interpretation, physicalization, and presentation skills

~Integrate skills learned onto stage and rehearse a small production by the end of the year

In Drama Club, we will. . . .

~Practice presentation skills

~Become familiar with the parts of the stage and basic theater vocabulary

~Practice improvising and play some improv games

~Practice using non-verbal communication

~Work as a team

~Aim to put on a production

Dear Parents,

The Drama Club is pleased to announce that they are planning on putting on another exciting production at the beginning of April. Last school year’s production of “Bedtime Stories” was a hit with both the students who participated and those who came to see the performance.

This year, Mrs. Killeen, Mr. Verrill and Mr. Weber are teaming up to have Drama Club again. Mrs. Killeen, a fifth grade teacher at PCS, has been doing local theater for many years and is co-running the Drama Club for her 9th year. Mr. Verrill teaches Social Studies and has been involved with theater and improv for over 20 years and is excited to be co-running the Drama Club at PCS for his third year. Our music teacher, Mr. Weber, has agreed to come back after the successful first year.

Since this program is not funded by the district, there is a participation fee of $30.00 for anyone that wants to participate in Drama Club. The fee helps to cover the costs of scripts, costumes, sets and any other materials needed for production.

If you would like your child to participate, please fill out both sides of the following permission slip. Please attach a check for the amount of $30.00, made payable to WRSD. If you are unable to afford this fee, but would still like your child to participate in the production, please contact Mrs. Killeen or Mr. Verrill and we will discuss possible options.

We will meet on Thursday afternoons (One Tuesday and Wednesday) from 3:00-4:00 in the Cafeteria. We would like to stress that if your daughter or son decides to participate in the production, they are expected to memorize their lines, attend ALL rehearsals, and attend both productions.

We are very eager to get started and are looking forward to this year’s production.


Bethany Killeen

Heath Verrill

Michael Weber


actor's line - words making up the dialogue of a play; "the actor forgot his speech" words, speech. dialog, dialogue - the lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction. aside - a line spoken by an actor to the audience but not intended for others on the stage.

cue- A theatrical cue is the trigger for an action to be carried out at a specific time. It is generally associated with theatre and the film industry. They can be necessary for a lighting change or effect, a sound effect, or some sort of stage or set movement/change.

run-through. a rehearsal, as of a dramatic or musical work or section, straight through from beginning to end.

Prop-formally known as (theatrical) property, is an object used on stage by actors during a performance.

Costume- clothing and the overall appearance of a character or performer. Please do not feel like you need to spend a lot of money. Be creative and see what you can make with what you have or can borrow.