Learning Resources

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Room 210

We offer assistance to students who have been identified as requiring support, through the process of an Individual Education Plan (IEP), and/or Identification, Placement, Review Committee (IPRC) exceptionality. Areas include, but aren't limited to:

  • academic support
  • test-taking strategies and study skills support
  • access to a wide variety of technological options
  • information about services in the community
  • credit-bearing Learning Strategies course (GLE) for students (permission from the Department Head)

Learning Resources Staff

Kelly MacDonald, Dept. Head, SERT

Rubina Chandler, SERT

Wayne Harnack, SERT

Andrea Kenny, EA

Christian Lemke, SERT/GLE Teacher

Georg Weiss, ACE (formerly Life Skills) Teacher/SERT

Tina Jumeian, SERT

Bonnie Drover-Reipert, CYW Life Skills

Harold Soulis, SERT

Laura Devries, EA