Financial Aid For Post Secondary Options


Welcome! We are currently in the process of setting a date for the College Goal Alaska. This will be a great opportunity to get help with the FAFSA from seasoned experts with the Alaska Commission for Post Secondary Education (ACPE). More information will be forthcoming. Several resources are posted below but I am also available to help answer questions or find answers to your questions. Please feel free to contact me at (907) 874-3395 or Thanks!


Parents/Guardians of Seniors needing assistance with the FAFSA are encouraged to contact Daniel Pulu if you need assistance with the FAFSA:

  • Daniel F. Pulu

College & Career Specialist

The ACPE Success Center

Direct: (907) 375-6417

Main: (907) 269-7980

Daniel is available to help answer questions regarding the FAFSA and walk parents/guardians through step by step if need be.