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Welcome to Wewoka Public School District where we have many exciting things going on district-wide. We have implemented one-to-one technology in grades K through 12. Students in the older grades have access to a Chrome Book and the youngest students are using Chrome Tablets. We are in the process of updating our infrastructure to move from a 1G to 10G by the end of this summer. We will be replacing old equipment and our wireless internet will be lightning fast when we have completed the upgrades. We have robotics and computer coding in grades 3rd through 12th and our high school students are receiving credit from Gordon Cooper Technology Center for participating in robotics at their level. Our students have participated in contests this year with drones, sea perch (underwater drones), and robotics as well as attended many STEM trainings. We plan on continuing to expand our technology related experiences for the students that attend Wewoka.

Our district offers a wide variety of online programming so that students can explore many different areas of study. We have alternative education and virtual programming for students that do not want to go the traditional route for their educational experiences. We plan on expanding this opportunity because students learn in different ways, at a variety of speeds, and we want to meet the needs of every student in our district.

One of the unique ways that Wewoka meets the needs of our students is through the Pawsitivity: Self-Esteem through Hygiene program. We have washers and dryers for our students to use, as well as a shower. We have received donations of deodorant, shampoo, toothbrushes/toothpaste, and other items needed to remain clean that we are able to give to our students. We have food available through several programs including a food pantry and weekend backpacks for our students. We also keep a wide variety of clothing items for students and families. We understand that a student’s basic necessities need to be met before they can come to school and do their best academically. We are truly trying to meet the needs of all students, so they have the opportunity to be successful and become prepared to meet their future academic and career goals.

We have also expanded our music department with Ms. Auld. She has done an outstanding job working with the elementary and high school music students. We are expanding our course offerings next year even more by adding a band option for the 5th grade students. This will hopefully increase our number of students interested in band at the high school level.

Wewoka Public Schools is lucky to be situated in a community that supports our projects. We have been able to accomplish many of our goals because of the support of the parents/guardians, community members, and businesses. We appreciate the assistance of our community and the hard work of our students. With the guidance of the administrators, input from the district leadership team, and support of the community stakeholders; Wewoka Public School District will become the leading school in the area for technology, academics, athletics, and music/band.

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Shellie Gammill, PhD

Wewoka Superintendent