Help Desk

The Industrial Relations Help Desk is provided by phone and email and is for a 3 month period.

The series of questions below this description is a generic sample of the question format that we use with you in the supply period.

In the period, we address questions specific to your matter, which, together with their answers, can be used in your communications in your industrial relations matter.

The volume of questions that we address in the period, with specific regard to the details we receive from you on your industrial relations matter, is the volume in the generic sample below, although the actual industrial relations questions in your case may be different.

When you purchase the Industrial Relations Help Desk, please tell us your contact details and nominate a start date for the 3 month supply, so that we can schedule the period, receive your communications, and begin to craft relevant questions as soon as possible.

The most important materials that we use in addressing questions specific to your matter are case decisions of Australian industrial relations tribunals.

Industrial relations means the relations between management and workers in industry, and includes actions regarding pay, other terms and conditions of work, job performance, and conduct at work. We provide industrial relations services, such as the Industrial Relations Help Desk, to meet demand for affordable and tangible tools that anyone can use, under their own steam, in responding to workplace issues.


Prior to following a course of action on an issue about conduct or performance, the considerations below should be addressed.

1. Was the worker aware of the performance or conduct standards or the relevant workplace policy?

2. Was the performance or misconduct issue discussed with the worker as soon as it arose?

3. Was the worker given an opportunity to respond to the allegation of unacceptable conduct or poor performance?

4. Was the worker’s response considered before any disciplinary action was taken?

5. Was the worker given a reasonable opportunity to improve performance prior to disciplinary action being taken?

6. Was the worker given sufficient information to enable the worker to respond to the performance issue or allegation?

7. Was the worker given sufficient time to prepare a response?

8. Have all relevant witnesses been interviewed?

9. Have any issues raised by the worker in their defence/mitigation been properly explored/considered?

10. Is the performance or conduct issue sufficiently serious to justify termination or disciplinary action?

11. Does the hirer have sufficient and direct evidence to substantiate the worker’s failure to meet the performance or conduct standard?

12. Has the hirer acted consistently on other similar occasions involving other workers?

13. Has the worker had the opportunity to respond to both the reasons for the termination or disciplinary action, and to the decision as to the outcome?