LMPL is an industrial relations consultancy. We help employers, employees and contractors with workplace matters.

Established in 2011, our practitioners include compliance officers and industrial advocates with over 20 years' experience. Industrial relations is everything we do. We provide the tools to manage workplace matters, and the service to help you use them.

Industrial relations practitioner Lucio Matarazzo is registered as an agent under the Fair Work Act 1994 (South Australia), LMPL is an industrial agent under the Industrial Relations Act 1979 (Western Australia), and each of LMPL’s experienced practitioners may practice as a paid agent under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Commonwealth of Australia). LMPL has links to a range of other professional advisers who are available as required; we often work in concert with accountancy and legal advisers. Such advisers may be engaged by the client directly.

Lucio Matarazzo's professional history includes 20 years as an industrial officer for an Australian trade union. In this role, Mr Matarazzo protected the interests of approximately 1,000 union members in the Northern Territory. The majority of the members worked in the non-government community service sector or local government sector. Other sectors represented by Mr Matarazzo included: air transport, tourism, information technology, and private sector clerical employees.

Previously, industrial agent Catherine Matarazzo worked for the Northern Territory Government in roles in which she instructed Parliamentary Counsel on detailed amendments to legislation.

MatarazzIR is a non-profit trader and sells a work contract pro forma to help skilled workers move across work types at short notice to where there is demand for skilled work. MatarazzIR is the trading name of business partners LMPL and Catherine Matarazzo.

Why do we prepare the MatarazzIR™ pro forma in grid form? - To make customisation easy. Grid lines are suppressed for printing purposes but are apparent in Word, so you can adjust margins and select rows. Line spacing and font have been specially fashioned to maximise clarity on the page, and allow easy reference when turning pages.

We are based in Parap in the Northern Territory of Australia. We also have access to an office in Caloundra on Australia's Sunshine Coast. We look forward to conversations with you. From Territory and headland - frontiers of trade and surfing chronicle.