Who/What/Where/When/Why is Woozle?

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How do I contact Woozle Effected Productions?

Robert CM Laferrière | Owner - Performer

Telephone: Canada +1-204-796-1478

Mail: PO Box 1576 | Russell, MB | R0J 1W0

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What is Woozle Effected Productions?

Rob Laferrière has a passion for music and the arts, and wants to share that excitement with everyone. That means more than putting on his own shows: he's started producing and promoting shows all over the Asessippi Parkland Area! Woozle Effected Productions aims to develop shows from the ground up, using local talent, and local entrepreneurs. That means more money from the productions stays right in their host communities!

Who is Robbie "Woozle"?

Often Cited, Never Substantiated: Robbie "Woozle" Laferrière is just a man with a plan... and a bunch of musical instruments, noise makers, broken televisions, and other such nonsense.

Hailing from Lorette, St. Boniface, Charleswood, and Russell Manitoba, the Robbie "Woozle" Laferrière is the founder of Woozle Effected Productions, and his solo project, "The Woozle Effect", sounds like the best of nothing you've never not heard before! Amongst his arsenal are such diverse elements as: loops, guitars, drum-like things, voice-like sounds, all the grace and poise of a Sumatran Rat Monkey, home-made guitars and, very occasionally, charm...

Moving from the city to the country can affect your brain in many ways. For "The Woozle", there is likely little that medical science can do to ease his delusions of mediocrity. If you see him on a stage, or a street corner, throw him a few tenners, will ya? He's needs the money for his Ethanol Supplements...