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Library Policy of Collection Development

Woodland CUSD #5 is dedicated to building collections that provide the greatest impact on literacy, learning, teaching and research and offer diversity of content. The collection choices made reflect and enhance the mission and goals of Woodland CUSD #5. All Woodland faculty and students have an open-ended invitation to participate in the collection development process.

Our online collection is always available via Destiny Discover . Checkout of our physical/print collection is currently available (with Covid-19 procedures and practices in place).



"Window" and "Mirror" books purchased via RAILS grant: Culture Smart series by Kuperard (USA, Britain, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Poland, Finland, Spain, France, Iceland, Philippines, Japan, Italy, Russia, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine); All About... series by Felicity Brooks; Children's World Cookbook by Angela Wilkes & Sarah Khan; Confetti Girl by D. Lopez; The Day You Begin by J. Woodson; Dream March by V. Nelson; Going Home by E. Bunting; Here in Berlin by C. Garcia; Let the Children March by M. Clark-Robinson; Listening w/ My Heart by G. Garcia; Long Way Down by J. Reynolds; Mango, Abuela & Me by M. Medina; Out of My Mind by S. Draper; Ask Me No Questions by M. Budhos; Knots on a Counting Rope by B. Martin & J. Archambault; The Name Jar by Y. Choi; Little Painter of Sabana Grande by P. Markun; Go, Went, Gone by J. Erpenbeck; Our Class Is a Family by S. Olsen


Helping students and parents help themselves by making resources easily accessible.

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