COVID-19 Information

Woodcliff Lake School District

2022-2023 School Year

COVID-19 Case Dashboard

COVID-19 Case Tracker

This tracker will be updated weekly. This site will replace the COVID-19 Communication email notifications you received about positive cases.

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2022-2023 Community COVID-19 Letter

Quarantine Rules

Updated 9/22/22

2022-2023 Masking Update

Updated Mask Guidance

Updated 9/22/22

Safe Return Plan

Woodcliff Lake School Reopening Plan 22-23
2022-2023 Emergency Remote Instruction Plan

2022-2023 Emergency Remote Plan

Additional Information and Archived Resources

Full-Day, In-Person Instruction

The Woodcliff Lake School District is no longer offering remote learning, all schools will be open for full-day, in-person instruction. Isolation periods will be treated as typical sick days. Work can be requested from your child's teacher(s) or accessed through Google Classroom and completed if the student is well enough.


While we understand some students are not eligible, vaccinations are considered the leading public health prevention strategy at this time. As a district, we are encouraging all eligible staff and students to get vaccinated for COVID-19. To learn more about how to get vaccinated, visit (We understand that some students are not eligible for or may be in a situation that prevents vaccination.)

All staff and students will be considered unvaccinated unless they provide a copy here of their vaccination record indicating which vaccination they received (Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson). We ask that all parents submit copies of student vaccination records in a timely fashion in order for the Woodcliff Lake School District to comply with local and state requirements.

Mask Requirement

As of March 7, 2022, masking is optional for students and staff in school who are not experiencing COVID symptoms. However, there may be instances during the school year when masking could be required. See "Updated Mask Guidance" above for more detailed information.

Classrooms and Lunch

The Woodcliff Lake Schools will transition back to eating in lunchrooms and interacting within classrooms. This year we are pleased to welcome back No Fuss Lunch as well as Pizza Day.

Cleaning Protocols

Our schools are fully prepared to keep our schools clean. In addition to their normal cleaning routines, during the day, our maintenance crew will circulate through the building, wiping down high-contact surfaces, including door handles and handrails. After school, all classrooms will be cleaned, including desks and chairs, to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19. All chemicals used for cleaning in our schools are approved by the State to ensure the safety of our students.


This year, we are not requiring parents/guardians to complete a health screening form in PowerSchool, however, we ask you to be mindful if your child isn't feeling well and keep them home. If COVID-19 compatible symptoms are present, please consult with your health care provider and get a COVID-19 test.