“Working Together for Causes that Matter” is more than just the slogan of Women Giving for Spartanburg – it is a reflection of the deep conviction that connects us all.

In 2007, a group of visionary women formed a collaborative venture with the Spartanburg County Foundation with the goal of enhancing our community’s quality of life through the power of collective giving. Through the years, Women Giving for Spartanburg has provided Grant funding to 100+ organizations totaling more than $3 million. Together, we can do so much!

This is our 15th anniversary year and we are making it a memorable one! During this year of celebration we aim to reach an ambitious goal of growing Women Giving to 250 Members, which will deepen our impact as we set our sights on what we can accomplish – together – in the next chapter for Women Giving! This power of collective giving, guided by the input of each Member, holds tremendous promise for moving Spartanburg forward.

Women Giving is forward funded, which means the dues we collect during 2022 determine the Grant award amounts for the Spring 2023 awards cycle. Thank you to those who have already renewed your membership during 2022! If you haven’t yet renewed or if you are interested in joining, this is the perfect moment.

Throughout this year we will host several social and educational events. Our Fall Social will be Tuesday, October 4th at 5:30 PM at the home of Julie Lowry. Please join us - current, past, and prospective Members alike – for conversation, reconnecting, and enjoying fellowship among a group of wonderful women RSVP now on our website!

Get ready for a landmark program year as we celebrate 15 years of women making a collective difference in Spartanburg. Let’s seize this opportunity to propel Women Giving forward as we honor this milestone anniversary!

All the best,

Weslie Higdon, Board Chair

Katie Friday, Membership Chair

Join Women Giving for Spartanburg today and experience the power of collective giving and the joy of helping our local agencies change lives in the Spartanburg community. Membership dues are annually collected to contribute to a pooled fund for Grants. A small portion will also contribute to program costs such as mailings, events, and outreach.

Women Giving for Spartanburg Members

Anna Elyse Abrams

Kathy Allen

Ceci Arthur

Cathy Bagwell

Lynn Bailey

Paula Baker

Susan Baker

Isabel Barber

Joan Barnet

Valerie Barnet

Katherine Barre

Amy Baruch

Kimberly Beasley

Ali Beeson

Brooksie Berry

Aundie Bishop

Anna Blanton

Margaret Blanton

Laura Puckett Boler

Kelly Bozard

Jane Breeden

Mary Breeden

Libba Brendle

Maddie Brewer

Susan Bridges

Joann Bristow

Christi Brown

Helen Brown

Suzanne Brown

Lynne Burton

Lori Butehorn

Cara Lynn Cannon

Sheila Carmichael

Katie Cash

Kitta Cates

Sally Chambers

Tory Champion

Cecilia Cogdell

Ann Congdon

Susan Conner

Anna Converse

Michele Cook

Abby Cote'

Nancy Cote'

Erin Couchell

Stephanie Craine

Garrow Crowley

Mary Crowley

Amy Curtis

Lauri Darwin

Lynda Davis

Loreta Dylgjeri

Kerry Easler

Alice Eberhardt

Martha Edwards

Andrea Elliott

Susan Ellis

Catharine Evans

Mary Elizabeth Evans

Megan Falatok

Heath Flood

Susan Floyd

Anne Flynn

Alison Fogarty

Elaine Freeman

Katie Friday

Melissa Gerscovich

Katharine Gibb

Marsha Gibbs

Joan Gibson

Kathy Girouard

Lee Godfrey

Marianna Habisreutinger

Callie Hammett

Teri Harp

Emma Harrill

Frankie Harris

Kathryn Harvey

Elisabeth Hayes

Pamela Heath

Weslie Higdon

Jakie Hodge

Amy Holbein

Jennifer Hoy

Beth Hrubala

Roberta Hurley

Hallie Hurst

Harriett Ike

Susan Jeffords

Susan Johnson

Dorothy Josey

Cindy Kelly

Donna Kennedy

Renee Klein

Beth Lancaster

Cheryl Lang

Ashley Langley

Leigh Anne Langley

Francie Little

Ruth Littlejohn

Libby Lowndes

Julie Lowry

Karen Lyons

Tina Lyons

Brenda Evans Lytle

Jada McAbee

Cathy McCabe

Gretchen McEnroe

Stone Kelley McLeod

Lisa Meegan

Kirsten Miller

Marie Miller

Marsha Moore

Patti Moran

Emily Neely

Beth Neidenbach

Laney Nix

Alex North

Joy Oates

Susan Oldham

Lib Orr

Ashley Owen

Tara Pinilla

Kristen Pitts

Peggy Pitts

Hunter Foster Pope

Fern Powell

Kay Powell

Jo Pulliam

Dargan Rain

Betsy Richardson

Debra Talley Robinson

Jill Saleeby

Martha Schwartz

Cathy Scott

Joy Shackelford

Janet Shaw

Andrea Shurburtt

Bonnie Simpson

Janice Smith

Rita Spiess

Laura Stille

Michel Stone

Cindy Thompson

Janna Trammell

Donna Traywick

Charlotte Verreault

Mary Helen Wade

Jaime Wall

Winnie Walsh

Linda West

Kathy Willard

Frazier Wilson

Sally Winfrey

Camille Wolfe

Carolyn Wynn

Nelly Zimmerli