Reeds Spring Schools

Committed to Academic and Personal Excellence

Also referred to as "distance learning", the DESE-approved Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) plan will allow the opportunity for all Reeds Spring students to be engaged in learning on inclement weather days or emergency days when conditions prevent schools from being in session. It will be at the district's discretion on whether the school is considered "closed" or if an "AMI" day needs to be implemented.

DECISION: The decision to implement the AMI Plan will be made by district administrators. The final decision will be communicated with district staff and the community if it is appropriate to enact the AMI Plan due to a school closure.

COMMUNICATION: Communication of the enactment of the AMI Plan will occur in the following manner:

  1. Staff Text/Phone Message

  2. Staff Email

Once the Staff has been notified of the details of the AMI Closure, communications with the community will commence. Communication with the community will occur in the following manner:

  1. School District SchoolMessenger Announcement

  2. Notice placed on the District website

  3. Notice placed on District social media platforms


Kindergarten through 6th grade students will be given educational lessons and assignments in paper format or electronic format. Students in grades 7-12 will recieve instructions and information in a digital format consistent with how they receive information during the school day. Students are expected to complete the work and turn it in to their teachers in the same number of days that were missed. For instance, if the AMI days are implemented on Tuesday and Wednesday for inclement weather, students would have Thursday and Friday to complete and turn in their work.

Paper packets for grades K-6 will be provided in November for use on AMI days. Packets will also be available in building offices at parent's request or in digital format on our district website.

Click on the dropdown links above to access digital copies of grade level AMI Plans.