2020 Literacy and Math Summer Challenges

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The Title 1 Reading/Math Support Program at WES provides individualized skills and small group guided instruction that supplement the regular school reading and math program, and is taught by highly qualified teachers. Elementary students are selected to receive extra reading and math support based upon scoring criteria that includes standardized assessment scores, individual needs, and teacher recommendations based on classroom performance.

Depending on the needs, a student will be placed in one or both programs. Instruction occurs in small groups of students that meet 3 to 5 days per week. The Title 1 teachers and the classroom teachers coordinate their schedules so that the supplemental instruction is not given during subject area instructional time.

The WES administration and staff are very supportive of the Title 1 program, its students, and their families. Open houses, information nights, parent and faculty surveys, newsletters, and parent conferences are all a part of an effort to increase parent involvement at our school.