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2024 Open Enrollment - MANDATORY Participation by all employees of the WNESU and supported districts

Welcome to our 2024 Benefits Open Enrollment

Open enrollment began October 2nd and go through October 31st for January 1 activation date.

All employees that work for the WNESU, Rockingham SD, Bellows Falls Union High School SD, Union Elementary SD and Westminster SD

This is an annual enrollment for ALL employees that must be completed annually regardless if you ARE or ARE NOT making any changes.


* If you just enrolled (new hires starting prior to 10/1/2022) to your benefits, you will need to re-enroll for 2023 or select that you do not want any changes or waive or drop any coverages.

* If you have existing benefits and do not want to make changes, you will still need to log in and select that you want to keep your existing plan(s).

* If you have existing benefits and wish to waive/drop your benefits, you will need to login and do so through the BerniePortal.

We held our annual Zoom informative meeting on Wednesday, October 19, below find the recording of the meeting

If you are not comfortable doing this on the computer, please make an appointment with me and we can complete your enrollment together either in person, over the phone or via zoom.

Where to begin:

Log into your BerniePortal account (www.BerniePortal.com, Login button top right) using the User Name and Password you created previously. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it from the login screen.

Start your enrollment from your BerniePortal Homepage by clicking either the blue “Make Elections” or “Begin Enrollment” button. (Options differ depending on enrollment status)

BERNIE PORTAL Open Enrollment Instructions.pdf


VEHI VSBIT Rack card.pdf

EAP is here to help!

VEHI Fall 2021 flyer InvestEAP.pdf

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