About Me

My name is Jody Hauser and I have been a school librarian for six years now. I have always loved books and children. I feel fortunate that I get to work with both as a profession! I attended UVM Library Media Specialist Certification Sequence and received my LMS endorsement on my Vermont Educator License. I have worked with children K-8 and have enjoyed spreading the joy of reading, teaching the trick to understanding information, and have been inspired by student's work and creativity in research and presentation.

I live in Southern Vermont, on a hill named Owl's Head Mountain. I reside in a house with my husband Eric and our two children Durin and Emmett. I love being outside in nature, especially at the ocean or in the forest. You can often find me on my summer breaks swimming and camping. I have a special affinity to the practice of yoga. I find it helps me stay fit and happy. Other things I enjoy are reading, baking, music, the color purple, my cats KiKI and Zorb and my dog Dharma.