WLCSC's Diversity Initiative Specialist

Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

A more focused approach to this initiative at West Lafayette Community School Corporation will ensure that all students, their families, faculty, and staff will be able to be a part of this corporation without the fear of being othered, marginalized, or forgotten.

When we practice mindfulness and kindness, our practices will grow stronger. I challenge you to try this and see what comes through for you. This is one of the first steps one can take in this journey of intentional inclusion.

Had to share:

Please take a moment to watch the following video. It has such a powerful and needed lesson for all.

WLCSC Mission and Beliefs:

Our mission is to engage students in a world-class educational experience that prepares them to be well-rounded, ethical, innovative, creative, productive, and adaptive citizens who will shape our global society.

We Believe:

  • Our students are our foremost priority.

  • Highly effective faculty and staff are critical to our success.

  • Parenting and family support are fundamental to successful educational outcomes.

  • Public education is a shared resource and responsibility that defines and unites our community.

  • Student engagement in learning leads to higher achievement.

  • Academic excellence is the hallmark of our school corporation.

  • Public education’s primary purpose is to develop educated citizens.

  • Children deserve an equal opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

  • There is inherent worth and dignity in every person.

  • Students learn in different ways.

  • Accountability is critical to the success of our school corporation.

  • Involvement in extracurricular activities enhances the educational experience.

  • School safety is essential.

  • Public education contributes to the development of productive, ethical, adaptive, and healthy citizens.