Summer Assignment

Remind Site for AP Euro

text @hb3bb to the number 81010

Special Note: The Principal has asked the AP teachers to eliminate required summer homework assignments, hoping that it would eliminate a psychological obstacle to students who otherwise might not take an AP class.

Extra Special Note: Professionally, I believe, as students you need to see what you’re jumping into before the course starts, more knowledge is preferable to less knowledge. With that in mind, none of the summer work will be “required” but that doesn't mean you can’t earn points by completing it.

Part I

You MUST bring the following with you on the first day of class:

Three-Ring Binder: with a plastic slip for a cover page.

  • An appropriate cover page on the first page, titled “AP European History," that identifies the notebook as yours.
  • A clear, readable map of all of Europe! (This can be a simple print-out-you don't have to make another one)

Part II Historical POV Assignment

Part III Read Kagan xxxii-Lxxvii (Textbook)

Part IV Roots of the West PPT- A word about enhancing notes,

1. Refer to the Cornell WIKSPEN instructions in the reader

2, Start with having a complete copy of the notes that I provide via Powerpoint - You can find all the powerpoints for AP Euro on my AP Euro website via the PHS page.

  • I do not use Google classroom, because not only do I want you to be able to access everything, but I also want your PARENTS to be able to see what you should be completing as well.

3. Plug in all of the terms from the worksheet with definitions into the notes where they would appear if every term had been defined for you.

Enhanced Notes For each unit you will be given an outline of the main points of the unit, but it is not everything that you have to know.

  • For each unit you will have a set of terms, individuals and events.
  • For all the terms, individuals and events that are not defined or identified within the notes, you should enhance your notes by adding each term, individual and event with their descriptions into your enhanced note section.
  • Feel free to use bullet points if that is an easier and more efficient option for you.
  • The terms, individuals and events should be approximately located where they would appear in the notes, NOT as a term list at the end of the notes.

4, Use bullet points to fill in areas from the text that I do not provide via Powerpoint. DO NOT attempt to rewrite the text into your notes that would be foolish.

Part V

Purchase the following book (Not required, but a really good resource) 5 Steps to a 5 AP European History Exam 2020 - College Board is not changing the exam again so in a pinch a 2019 edition will work.