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WiValley uses the strengths of both fiber and wireless technologies to bring broadband to communities. We focus on both business and residential service by engineering solutions that address the future needs of communications. We focus our efforts on activities that are synergistic to WiValley’s vision, taking advantage of our ability to innovate and scale. We have involvement with state and town initiatives including projects with NH FastRoads and the Massachusetts Broadband Initiave (MBI) to deliver Hybrid Fiber to the neighborhood (FttN) and Wireless solutions to communities.

Early in our history we focused on wireless services for unserved communities. Due to the speed technology is evolving and the expansion of fiberoptic infrastructure throughout the country, we are now serving both unserved and underserved communities delivering broadband speeds that are not available over traditional copper (wired) infrastructure

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We are now delivering speeds from 5X to 50X faster than traditional DSL or Cable. Businesses and high bandwidth residential users see the benefit of our technology. We are involved with engineering solutions for towns to develop a master plan for infrastructure that supports the broadband speeds of the future. To learn how your community can take advantage of the new fiber infrastructure being built in your community and how to deliver last mile solutions, contact us at

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Our goal at WiValley is to provide effective broadband solutions designed to boost your internet experience and increase your productivity, be it at home or throughout your organization.

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