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Information Technology

NYS Approved Instructional Technology Plan - Education in the 21st Century

The Mission Statement of the Technology Review Committee establishes a goal that shall place West Islip School District at the forefront of computer-based education as we progress into the next millennium. The implementation of our plans and proposals shall require a total commitment by the community to establish a school climate which incorporates the use of technology in all its aspects, and into all spheres of the learning process. Worldwide resources will be available to anyone at any time, any where, any place. The learning community of tomorrow will grow to be a network of educators and learners, each contributing their own expertise to a topic. A learner directed environment would be created where both teacher and student will be active participants in directing learning. With the use of multimedia technology, students will learn at their own pace and in their own style, building on the knowledge they bring to the classroom. As a result, our schools will graduate students who are well-versed in the many uses of the computer and other media, and who are well-prepared to function successfully in the world they enter upon graduation, be it college, military or business.