Instructional Continuity
Resources for WIU Faculty


In the event of a disruption to our normal provision of instruction at Western, faculty and students should follow a few simple steps.

  1. Consider your communication plan and let your students know.
    Communicate with your students so they know how you will be in contact with them. Email and Announcements in Western Online are great ways for information to be disseminated. Let them know how you will communicate course content as well as individualized assistance. Stress to students the importance of their WIU email and staying aware of information through the WIU website and Western Online systems.

  2. Prepare for how you will disseminate your classroom information.
    Consider any one or combination of the following instructional technologies to allow for the continuation of instruction during the disruption.

The resources provided here are to help mitigate the immediate issues of keeping in contact with your class and helping instruction to continue. The options offered below are temporary until your course can return to its normal modality. You can choose one or a combination:

Western Online (D2L Brightspace)

All scheduled courses whether coded face-to-face, online, videoconference or Live Streaming have a generated shell in our Western Online Course Management system. In the event of an instructional disruption, all faculty have the option of using Western Online to deliver their instruction. All students enrolled in any given course will have access to the course once the instructor sets it up. Use the links below to learn more. Use the video controls in the video below to view in full screen.

Western Online Quick Start Video

Google Hangouts Meet

Every student, faculty and staff member at Western Illinois University has access to a free Google Hangouts Meet account readily available via their WIU Gmail account. This is perhaps the easiest tool to use for live communication (meetings, course lectures, and discussions) in the event of an instructional disruption. The following resources will help get you started with this tool. Select an option below to learn more.

Google Meet Quick Start Video

Google Drive

Every student, faculty and staff member at Western Illinois University has a Google Drive area via their WIU Gmail account. Using/using a Shared drive within Google Drive is the easiest way to share files with students. The following resources will help get you started with this tool. Select an option below to learn more.



Zoom is a video conferencing tool already being used in many of our WIU Videoconference and Live Streaming courses. While professional licenses are limited to specific classrooms and individuals on campus, all students, faculty, and staff can obtain a free Zoom account to participate in 40-minute meetings or class sessions by visiting FREE accounts with more than 3 participants are limited to 40 minutes!

Zoom is also a great tool for pre-recording (screen casting) course lectures and presentations to post on Western Online and share with your students.

Zoom Quick Start Tutorial|CITR Step-by-Step Zoom Video Tutorial
Zoom Support Page
| Zoom Video Tutorials

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Faculty Submitted Zoom Tutorials and Demonstrations:

Recording PowerPoint Slides (Provided by: Mai-Lei Chen, Chemistry)
Recording - Drawing Tablet (Provided by: Mai-Lei Chen, Chemistry)
Drawing Tablet Demo (Provided by: Mai-Lei Chen, Chemistry)
(* Tablet use is an XP-Pen model Deco 01 but any type would work.)
Editing Videos in QuickTime Player (Provided by: Jeffrey Engel, Biology)

Zoom Quick Start Video

Video Sharing

This quick start video shows how to upload videos to YouTube and embed into Western Online. Also shown is how to upload to your Google Drive and get the shareable link.

For a detailed tip sheet on using YouTube see our Video Production page...

Video Sharing Quick Start Video

Email (using Gmail)

Every student, faculty and staff member at Western Illinois University has a free established Gmail Account.

Use your WIU Gmail to send files to your students and have them submit files back to you.

There is a 20Mb limit for sending files. You may want to consider using Google Drive as part of this process.

Select an option below to learn more.

Creating a Contact List Quick Start Video

Assessment Ideas & LockDown Browser/Monitor

In the event of an instructional disruption in which students cannot attend face-to-face courses and online students cannot use the testing center due to closure, you will need to use alternate forms of assessment.

The resources listed below will assist you in determining new procedures for assessment and using the tools available to you.

We will continue to add assessment resources as more information becomes available.

3/23/20 Western Online Quick Start Webinar (Video)

Technology Comparison Chart

Zoom/Google Meet Comparison Chart

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