Ahead of the Curve

At Witton Park Academy we use modern methods of educating in all of our lessons. Our classrooms are equipped with the latest Promethean Interactive Boards and Chromeboxes, helping teachers to present great lessons.

Pupils use Chromebooks in and out of their lessons for a more up to date and enjoyable way of learning. Chromebooks empower pupils to access online learning materials in fresh and streamlined ways. Online Google products, such as Docs, Sheets and Slides let pupils create their own learning and revision materials in their own creative way, and the many collaborative features of Google services facilitate teamwork and interaction with teachers. Staff and pupils use the same dependable systems so that technology becomes a trusted tool.

Transforming Our Service

The IDS Chromebook Care scheme is the latest development in the 1-to-1 Chromebook project at Witton Park Academy.

In recent years the Inclusive Digital Services team (IDS) have been working hard to improve how technology is used for learning, in the classroom and at home. Central to this has been the provision and upkeep of Chromebooks for all staff and students.

In previous years, parents would purchase a Chromebook with a fixed-length warranty. This did not cover the device for any accidental damage that might occur during the student's time at Witton, and the cost of outside insurance proved prohibitive. The IDS team would make repairs and pass costs to parents where necessary, but this sometimes led to delays and complications. Careful review prompted the IDS team to reinvent the process, to eliminate these issues with a new affordable and accessible scheme.

What is Chromebook Care?

The new Chromebook Care system is simple to use and easy to understand. The school wanted to ensure that the acquisition of a Chromebook is accessible to all parents and carers, with the added assurance of service to maintain your child's device during their time with us. We now offer parents and carers the opportunity to secure a Chromebook with a deposit at the start of Year 7, and follow this with small monthly fees over the five years of secondary school to cover costs and repairs.

If all payments are made, your child will keep the Chromebook they are using at the end of their time with us. If outstanding payments remain at that time, you can make up the shortfall or to return the device to school.

For the scheme to remain financially sound for all participants, regular payment is essential. If we notice that payments are falling behind we would like to work with you to support you; however, we may have to disable the Chromebook.

Chromebook Care is offered in two tiers. Please click on the icons below for details.

Ready to participate?

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If you have any queries about the Chromebook Care scheme, please contact us using the form below, or email us on chromebookcare@wittonpark.org.uk.

please only use the form below for questions.

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