Jaz, Sacred Space Holder

Jaz is a doula and reiki practitioner serving the Bronx since 2018. She is the founder of With Jaz, providing comprehensive ancestral healing services. 

With Jaz came together when its founder, Jaz, stepped into her capacity of helping others in a variety of ways. Regardless of the situation, With Jaz promises that you'll be supported and empowered.

As a doula, Jaz is trained to emotionally and physically support people through different stages of labor.  She's learned, through professional experience, that labor can exist outside of pregnancy. 

As a healer, Jaz uses her knowledge of Reiki, tarot, crystals, and her intuition to help illuminate emotional blockages and gently guide you to your truest self. 

As an artist, Jaz's goal is to share this magic tangibly. She crafts sage sprays with intention and love to help reset energy. The same intention is used to blend essential oils to promote wellness and healing with intuitive blends.