The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) was created by the Texas Legislature as part of House Bill 3 to help recruit, retain, and reward effective educators in the classroom at high needs campuses. The TIA would provide additional funding to eligible teachers who earn local designations through this allotment system.  Weslaco ISD plans to submit an application for Cohort E to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to participate in this process.  The Application Deadline is April 15, 2022. 

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Weslaco ISD is pursuing participation in the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA), with data collection beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, and teacher payouts beginning in Spring 2024.  Weslaco ISD will be submitting the Teacher Incentive Allotment application to the Texas Education Agency on April 14, 2022.  This plan is in the process of being developed by a stakeholder committee that includes teachers, curriculum strategists, principals and campus instructional facilitators, and directors. Other committees with district personnel at various positions were also formed to assist with the application process and ensure transparency. Below you will find a list of each committee and its members.


If approved by the Texas Education Agency, the TIA could lead to large pay increases for teachers in Weslaco ISD.

Teacher Incentive Allotment Information

2023-2024 TIA Plan will be coming soon.


Weslaco ISD TIA Aug 2023.pptx



All Weslaco ISD teachers received the opportunity to vote on the spending plan for the teacher incentive allotment.  


District Task Force
Beatrice Solano, Assistant Superintendent for School Leadership

Abel  Aguilar, Deputy Superintendent Leadership
Daniel Budimir, Assistant Superintendent
Janie Y. Rodriguez, Assitant Superintendent for HR
Elias Trevino, Director for Assessment & Accountability
David Robledo, CFO of Business & Finance
Janette Z. Standard, District TIA Lead

Stakeholder Engagement CommitteeDr. David Gamboa, PrincipalMr. Enrique Ornelas, PrincipalMonica Vanderveer, PrincipalElias Trevino, Director for Testing & AccountabilityNora Lopez, Secondary Math StrategistEdna Perez, SPED CoordinatorElida Ramirez, Secondary RLA Strategist Perla Chavez, Elementary Math StrategistClaudia Martinez, Science StrategistDr. Carolina Lopez, Bilingual StrategistArcadia Longoria, RLA StrategistAdrian Cantu, Social Studies StrategistSamantha Fritz,  Advanced Academic CoordinatorLori Cardenas, Migrant StrategistViana Guillen  Airport ElemMonica Garcia Rico ElemClara Cuellar, Cleckler-Heald ElemMarissa Mariscal, Margo ElemSarai, Valdez, Gonzalez ElemLisa Garcia, Memorial ElemMelissa Balderrama, North Bridge ElemAnna Valdez, Mario Ybarra ElemHilda Cabrera, Silva ElemApril Cavazos, Sam Houston ElemMaria Mata, ELF AcademySustaita Lissbeth,  B. Garza Middle schoolJennifer Krieger Central Middle schoolAntonia Sala, Cuellar Middle SchoolBrenda Vela, Mary Hoge Middle SchoolSona Castillo, WHSValerie Munoz, WEHSRosalinda Trevino, CTE Early College Melissa De la Fuente, HortonLeticia Vallejo, Bilingual RepresentativeJennifer Cardenas, SPED RepresentativeSonia Medrano-Perez, Dyslexia RepresentativeNatalie Llanos, Fine Arts ElemAngie Cardoza, Fine Arts Middle schoolArmando Cuellar, Fine Arts High SchoolJoseph Carranza, Physical EducationJoshua Pedraza, Physical Education

Teacher Observation Committee _Liz Trevino, NB ElemJesus Chavez, SilvaDr. David Gamboa WEHSApril Cavazos, Sam HoustonAngie Cardoza, WHSRosalinda Trevino, CTE ECHSGilbert Rebolloso, BGMSCarmen Briones, SilvaJanae Cardenas, ELFRobert Martinez, Horton DAEPBrenda Vela, MHMSAngelina Jackson, Cleckler-HealdMary Lou Reyna, Cleckler-HealdValerie Munoz, WEHSMaria Mata, ELFVicki Flores, Cuellar MSRuben Nevares, WEHSRosa Carrillo, RicoSandra Cerda, BGMSCeleste Lopez, BGMSLaura Becerra, Ybarra ElemAlma Lou Rodriguez, Memorial ElemAnnabel Garza, WEHSStephanie Rivera, Margo ElemMelissa Balderrama, NB Elem

 Local Designation System Design Committee

Claudia Martinez, C&IJanae Cardenas, ELFMonica Vanderveer, Cleckler-HealdDr. David Gamboa, WEHSEnrique Ornelas, Central MSGilbert Rebolloso, BGMSSarai Rios Valdez, Gonzalez ElemArcadia Longoria, C&IPerla Chavez, C&IElida Ramirez, C&IMarissa Mariscal,  MargoBrenda Vela, MHMSNatalie Llanos, Silva ElemLeticia Jasso Vallejo, Silva ElemAngie Cardoza, WHSValerie Munoz, WEHSJennifer Cardenas, SPED Department

Student Growth Committee

Esmeralda TijerinaNatalie Llanos, SilvaCourtney Budimir, MemorialLilia Carreon, AirportMaria Castillo, WHSAntonia Sala, Cuellar Middle SchoolApril Cavazos, Sam Houston ElemSonia Castillo, WHSValerie Munoz, WEHSRosa Lopez, WEHSLisa Garcia, MemorialBrenda Vela, MHMSSonia Medrano-Perez Dyslexia ProgramJennifer Krieger, Central MSLeticia Jasso Vallejo, SilvaAnna Valdez, Ybarra ElemClara Cuellar, Cleckler-HealdMelissa Balderrama, NB ElemHilda Cabrera, Silva ElemLetty Mata, Gifted and TalentedFatima Saldana, Cuellar MSMonica Garcia, Rico ElemSandra Garcia, BGMSElizabeth Garcia, BGMSGilbert Rebollos, BGMS

Spending Plan CommitteeDaniel Budimir, Human Resource Dept. Dora Lisa Zavala, Human Resource Dept. Angelina Jackson, Cleckler-HealdJanie Pena, C&I Dept. Abel Aguilar, C&I Dept. Rene Cavazos, Business OfficeAndres Sanchez, Business OfficeJennifer Cardenas, SPED Dept. Gilbert Rebolloso, BGMSJanette Standard District Grant Writer

Sub-Committees for 2022-2023

Fine Arts

Christopher Fernandez

Music Committee

Lynnette Rodriguez

Cecilia Perez

Amelia Lowe

Elicia Uribe

Visual Arts Committee

Natalie Llanos

Cynthia Duran

Esmeralda Tijerina

Rogelio Contreras

Belinda Reyes

Special Education Self-Contained

Jennifer Cardenas

Omar Rivera

Niel Garza

Edna Perez

History/ Social Studies

Physical Education/ Health

Freddy Rodridguez

Griselda Fino

Mike Brown 

Liliana Skalitsky

Zonya Gorena

Josh Pedraza

Chris Gracia

Sergio Martinez

Melissa Cavazos

David Morales

Joe Calderon

Science (Chemistry & Physics)

Early Learning Foundation



Key Points


3 designations (Master, Exemplary, Recognized) based on teacher effectiveness, added to teacher’s SBEC certificate 


School districts will receive $3-32K annually per designated teacher 


Greater funding for designated teachers on high-needs campuses 


90% of funding must be spent on teacher compensation on the campus where the designated teacher works 

TIA Spending Plan

Spending Plan Overview


5-year designation validity, regardless of teacher placement, subject or school 

Frequently Asked Stakeholder Questions

Q: What is Teacher Incentive Allotment? 

A: In 2019, the 86th Texas Legislature created the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) as part of House Bill 3(HB 3) to provide additional 

funding for effective teachers. The focus of the TIA is to prioritize teaching in high needs areas and rural school districts and reward 

high-performing teachers. There are three designations. Highly effective teachers will receive a designation, as either “recognized”, 

“exemplary”, or “master”, and once earned, this designation will be added to the teacher’s SBEC certificate and remain valid for 5 years.

Q: Why does WISD want to participate in TIA?

A: We want to recruit, retain, and reward the best teachers at our campuses with the highest needs. In addition, we want to encourage the professional growth and development of teachers. 

Q. How will a teacher qualify for TIA?

A: National Board Certified teachers currently classified as classroom teachers automatically qualify as a Recognized teachers regardless of campus assignment. Additionally, Texas school districts have the option to develop their own designation systems for highly effective teachers.  The weight for teacher designation is 40% of T-TESS and 60% of student growth measures on NWEA MAP. 

Q: How much money can a teacher earn?

A: A Recognized teacher may earn between $3,000 -$9,000.   An Exemplary Teacher may earn between $6,000 - $18,000.  A Master teacher may earn between $12,000-$32,000.  WISD Teachers voted to allot 80% of the TIA funding to the designated teacher and 10% to eligible teachers who were not designated at the designated teacher's campus. 

Q: How will TIA compensation affect my TRS wages?

A: TIA compensation will be included in the annual wages reported to the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) and will be used when calculating retirement benefits. TRS benefits are subject to TRS rules and regulations. 

Q: Who is eligible?

A: This program is for employees who are evaluated using the T-TESS observation system, work directly with students, and are coded as 087 (classroom teacher) per the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) description codes for 90 days at 100% of the day or 180 days required at 50-99% of the day and compensated for that employment.  The Eligible teachers for Cohort E 2022-2023 use NWEA MAP for the student growth measure. 

Q: If I earn a designation and then transfer to another district, what happens?

A: The designation you earn moves with you, your designation will remain on your Texas Educator Certificate until five years have passed from the date you received it. Depending on the timing of when you transfer to another district your TIA compensation for that school year may be impacted.  Teachers who leave the classroom or teaching field will no longer receive the allotment.  The funding will go to the teachers at the designated teacher's campus to eligible teachers who stayed behind to teach.  

Q: What does data capture year mean?

A: For the school year 2022-2023, all walk-through, observations, and student growth data will be collected as evidence to support in designating teachers.  

Performance Standards Used

                                           TIA Teacher Observation Performance Standards                                      Student Growth Performance Standard